Design Briefs

How might we?

Once we knew where wanted to put our attention during the Design Immersion, we crafted Design Briefs. Each brief was fashioned to provide background on the design challenge as well as summarize the design opportunity in one central question the team was meant to address. In every case, the questions began with the words, “How Might We…?” (HMW) This optimistic framing of the challenge is a technique developed by IDEO and we highly recommend using it when you are rallying a team to take on a challenge.

The four HMW statements we brought into our Design Immersion are listed below.


How might we create more widespread support for adolescent use of contraception in Tanzania?


How might we leverage traditional milestones and trusted sources to deliver consistent and accurate information and linkages to services?


How might we better leverage pharmacies and drug shops to increase youth access to contraception?


How might we create youth-specific products and services that sexually-active adolescent girls want and that providers and parents feel they have permission and confidence to let youth have?