Human Centered Design


Through a partnership with The Curious Company’s Pam Scott, we decided to experiment with addressing teen pregnancy through a practice known as Human Centered Design (HCD). Human centered design is a creative problem-solving process that involves the communities we serve in the development of solutions to the issues they face. Throughout the four-step process, community members inform how we see a challenge, how we frame opportunities to address it and how we improve the solutions we design. By bringing the community voice to the table, we are able to see people for more than the problems they face and, therefore, develop solutions that inspire and even delight them to make healthier choices for themselves and the people in their care.

But, we didn’t just hire a team of HCD specialists to do the work; we partnered with them throughout the process and have become trained in HCD ourselves – starting with the research phase, working through creative development and ultimately through the implementation of the ideas we are generated together.

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