The Design Immersion

"Shut up and make something"

To kick off the Ideate Phase, we conducted the second of two five-day Design Immersions, bringing an interdisciplinary team to work shoulder to shoulder with the team from PSI/Tanzania. During the most recent immersion (March 2016), we focused on developing ideas to improve the interaction between girls and providers in ways that inspire more providers to grant unmarried girls access to the contraception they ask for.

Over five days, we worked in teams (each with its own Design Brief) to develop concepts and build prototypes to share with providers, girls and influential community members. The pressure to design, learn and iterate in just five days was incredibly (and intentionally) intense, leaving us little time to dwell on ideas that did not work and forcing us to only spend time bettering those concepts that showed promise. By Friday, each team presented their winning concept, the insights from the community that informed it and recommended next steps.